Welcome Distinguished Prof. Mohammad Namazi ​from Shiraz University, Iran to be Committee Member!

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Distinguished Prof. Mohammad Namazi, Shiraz University, Iran

Research Area: 

Cost and Managerial Accounting, Ethics, Capital Market Research , Research Methodology

Research Experience:

Professor Mohammad Namazi (Ph.D., ICPA, CMA) is the first distinguished and the first professor of accounting in Iran after the Islamic revolution and currently teaches at Shiraz University. He holds a BS in banking from Iran, an MBA (with concentration in accounting) from California, and a PhD in accounting from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln). He has served as a faculty member at the University of Nebraska, as an assistant professor at The Pennsylvania State University and has taught PhD level courses in accounting at Tarbiat Modaress University, Tehran University, and Shiraz University in Iran.

Dr. Namazi is the author and translator of more than 12 national and international books and monographs, including Responsibility Accounting (NAA), A Comprehensive Review of Multi-Objective Technique (Vance), Strategic Management Accounting (Samat Organization), Cost Accounting 2 (Samat Organization) and Empirical Studies in Accounting (Shiraz University). He has served as editor of the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Journal of Accounting Advances of Shiraz University. He has been an article editor for Sage Open, associate editor of the Journal of Accounting and Taxation, and has served on the board of the Journal of Innovation and Knowledge (Elsevier), Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research (Springer Open Journal), Iranian Journal of Management Studies (ISI), Journal of Information Health Management, USA-Chinese Business Review, Journal of Finance and Accounting International, Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, Journal of Globalization and Business Management, and Iranian Accounting and Auditing Review. Dr. Namazi has published more than 180 professional articles in various domestic and international journals, including Meditari Accountancy Research (ISI, Scopus), the Journal of Business Research (ISI, Scopus), Journal of Accounting Literature (ISI), Contemporary Economic (ISI, Scopus), Journal of Business Economics and Management (ISI, Scopus), Journal of Applied Accounting Research (ISI, Scopus), Journal of Accounting and Finance of the Asian Academy of Management (ISI, Scopus), Iranian Journal of Management Studies (ISI), Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance (ISI), World Applied Sciences (ISI) and Cost Management.

Dr. Namazi has been named as an outstanding professor in Iran and was admitted to the Accounting Hall of Fame and the Managerial Accounting Hall of Fame and has received many scientific prizes. He has conducted several national and international research projects and has extensive practical experience in different aspects of accounting. He is a CPA in Iran, CMA in Australia, and has served as Vice-chancellor of Administrative and Finance the Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of Shiraz University and the Head of the Accounting Department.

Dr Namazi has also extensive experience in practical experience of implementation of accounting, particularly in cost and managerial accounting systems and auditing.

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