Welcome Dr. Giovannipaolo Ferrari ​from University of Salerno, Italy to be Committee Member! 

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Dr. Giovannipaolo Ferrari, University of Salerno, Italy 

Research Area: 

Research Methods, E-learning, Sociolinguistics

Research Experience:

Dr. Giovannipaolo Ferrari research interests are in the areas of research methods, e-learning, professional practices, professional communication in workplaces, co-construction of discursive practices, coordination in workplace activities, digital culture, social media, cultural and technological convergence, learning-in-interaction, multimodality and appropriation of technologies and artifacts, acquisition of foreign languages for business purposes. His methodological approach is a mix method approach where he can use qualitative and quantitative methods in different research contexts. He can use Discourse analysis and Conversation analysis to analyze the professional communication and the use of different languages in a workplace. In his research, he frequently use CAQDAS (NVivo, Atlas.ti, ELAN, Transana) in a Grounded Theory framework, but he also use quantitative software (SPSS, Stata, R).

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